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Getting Started with Email Marketing with Erin DeCuir

Episode Summary

Today we are diving into a topic you may or may not have some opinions about, and that is using email marketing in your social selling business! We all know WHAT it is, but WHY is it important and HOW do you get started? Those are the big questions we are going to answer today! I connected with my guest, Erin DeCuir, founder of Sustainability Social, through Instagram! I love her humor and her sustainable, anti-hustle approach to social selling. We also share an obsession for the best tv show of all time, The Office, which makes her even more awesome! Erin teaches social sellers the importance of automation in their businesses, including the area of email marketing. I promise you, email marketing isn’t as intimidating as you might think! You most likely have some of the foundation in place, you just need to take action!

Episode Notes

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